Saturday, December 15, 2007

McDonalds world wide

So on Thursday night I was alone with the girls and I really didn't feel like making anything for dinner. After dropping off their grandma back at her house I stopped by McDonalds to get a couple burgers. Mimi was in the car with me and I asked her what she wanted, hamburger or cheeseburger and her reply basically blew my socks off. "Was ist ein cheeseburger? Ist dass nur ein hamburger mit Käse?" Translated that means "What's a cheeseburger? Is that just a hamburger with cheese on it?" Never in my life did I ever think I would hear a seven year old ask what a cheeseburger is. I mean I can kind of understand since they say cheeseburger but the word for cheese in German is Käse (KAY-suh) but still. It was crazy. Then when I ordered the guy that took my order asked me where I was from, which kind of surprised me because usually people just switch automatically to English. He spoke to me the whole time in German though which was nice. That means my language skills are getting better, I just need to work some more on the accent. Any way, I just thought I would I would share that with you all. Not everyone knows exactly what a cheeseburger is.