Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Here I am.

Hi everyone. So I have been back from the mission in Tennessee for several months now so I thought I would update everyone on what is going on. I am going to Utah State. High up in the mountains in Logan. I am studying as a Political Science Major and minoring in Theater Performance. I also helped start a school improv troupe up here this semester (the picture is of me and some amigos after playing bucket of death with chocolate syrup at our show). So thats what I am doing up here. Finals are this week so I am done for a bit. There is only a month of rest, however. Next month I am going to be an EFY counselor through June, July and a lil bit of August.

I also have a blog for my rants and whatever the heck I wanna write about The Steady Incline. So come and see. It is rocks!

Monday, April 28, 2008


So prettty sure we bought a House! :) It is so exciting! We close May 27th and can move in any time after that. It is so exciting. It has been an emotional roller coaster that has kinda sucked but now that its almost all over.... Its exciting... Till we actually have to do stuff to get the place ready. We will be living in Taylorsville, right next to meadowbrook golf course! That is about 4000 South 1000 West. It is a great little area, we have a pool and tennis courts and a little playground! :) Its SO CUTE! Freddy is really excited to have our own place and Next spring we are going to get a dog. I have no idea when the wedding will be cause well we really dont care that much about getting married and its great to see i'm not the only one THANKS MORGAN!!
But anyways thatsmy life in a nut shell righ now. I'm going to go to college again in the fall maybe depending on where things are. But yeah!! :) Life is fun!! :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

esuoh ym

It's lovely to be back in the good ole' U.S. of A. I think I officially freaked out the Irish lady sitting next to me on the flight from San Francisco to Salt Lake City. I had a fabulous time overseas and I definitely am looking at my life and the world in a different way.  I didn't realize how much I missed my shower and my special soap AND my bed AND my closet AND my books ANd my paintbrushes AND my desk AND everything else back home...YEAH FOR BEING HOME.  I just started a blog so you can check it at

Saturday, April 19, 2008


So I have officially turned 21! It is the greatest age. To celebrate Conor (that's right we are still together) and I took a trip to Cabo for a week. Most of it I don't remember but I do know that I learned a few things. Hard liquor makes for an angry drunk and beer is easier to handle. After my introduction to drinking "a la CABO STYLE" Conor and I have become alcohol coneseurs and spend most weekends making mixers in the "con cave."

After 4 years of dating, Conor and I decided that instead of getting married, we should adopt. We are the proud parents of two young lovebirds named Peach & Mango. They are yellow peach faced lovebirds. I have some advice to all married ones out there, before having kids get a pair of lovebirds. If you can't take care of lovebirds you definitely shouldn't have kids! They are a handful.

As for the rest of life, which doesn't leave much, I am attending the U o' U and will be graduating in Spring next year! I will have my BA in Anthropology in which I plan to study some remote village in Australia, write a book, and become a millionaire. Well that's what I would do if I liked to camp and didn't mind bugs or weird food. So why Anthropology? Well didn't want to be a teacher, art history lacked something, and I loved to learn about weird things people do. So voila, I am an anthropologist.

So thanks for inviting me to this fabulous blog especially since I never really knew y'all in highschool. It's great to see where you all are and bon chance with the rest!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Bit of a Rant and Then an Update

So the last post before this is in February, lots of things must have changed for everyone. Riley got home, Curtis got home yesterday. Lots of people are engaged! except most of those people are not Olympus Friends... Hilary Nenow is getting married April 30th. We are way excited for her. Shanna is engaged and getting married June 12th, Melissa Cardenas is getting married the 14th, two days later. And yet the postings seemed to have stopped. I understand being busy, I understand that more than I'd like to, but sometimes its nice to take a nice break out of your month and just write a post about whats going on, it doesn't have to be life altering, maybe just something like:

I got a new job, I'm taking classes this summer, I'm really excited for this one specifically, also I just want to be done with this one already. I am just dating around, just chilling, seriously dating, etc... I moved, I need help moving, I want to move. I saw this movie, it was really good see it, or it sucked don't see it, or who cares it was a movie. Has anyone heard from so and so? How are they, and why aren't they cool enough to be part of the blog...

Ok, so a little bit ranty, but I know lots of things have changed in my life and I imagine the seas of change are not just rocking my boat, therefore, people have news and it should be shared, agreed?

So my update, we got a car back in October its a Hyundai Elantra '04, It has pretty rims, however the roads have been so bad because people just keep salting them, it is ruining my tires and taken out one of my rims. The government should replace them, but they won't....

No kids, we see lots of kids all the time, but we just aren't ready for them, after all, I'm 21.

I chopped off my hair, Kapri cut it after Riley's open house for his homecoming that Riley did a really good job speaking at. Back to my hair, it is 2 1/2 inches long and its adorable, I may never grow my hair out ever again.

Ryan is working on a 2 minute claymation project, it has claimed both of our lives(mostly just his)...but it is super awesome, its a sci fi spoof, specifically about the original star trek, star wars and even Lost in Space. The festivals that get me through summer semester are just around the corner.. some of those including : The Living Traditions Festival, The Art Festival, The Jazz Festival, The Greek Festival and The Italian Festival, all of which are incredibly amazing and only two cost money to get into.

Life is good, and I am happy, the End of the semester is 2 weeks away, one Final taken today, 3 papers to write and I'm done for TWO WEEKS! and then back to the grind, but according to my incredibly OCD calculations I have 5 semesters after this one! and then grad school....

On the up and up, I'm being considered for another job, and will basically go over to it once the dreaded remodel is finally finish (according to my calculations that will be 1 1/2 years, I may very well be graduated by then....but its still nice to be considered.

We really are enjoying living in the University Student Apartments, they fulfill what we need, its a great location, and the cost is super cheap. We are thinking of having an Ultimate Football game before next semester, any takers?