Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tanya's Turn!

Hi guys-

So Lauren's been bugging me to join, so I finally did. Fabulous idea, Angie! So . . . here's what's going on with me. I'm working at an elementary school as an aide and going to school. I would really like to be a child psychologist, so that's where I'm heading.
I'm still way into theatre and audition for everything that I can. No takers yet, but my headshot and resume is floating around the theatre community. I've been taking theatre classes at SLCC and have met some absolutely amazing people who have taught me loads. I am enjoying myself immensely.
I was dating this wonderful guy, but we kind of fell apart this summer. We're still friends, but it's been kind of strained lately. It's probably my fault, to be honest. Anyway . . . it's been really hard, but life goes on. Ryan Ratieta gets back in January, though :) We'll see! I'm excited to see him if nothing else. Can't wait for a great big hug.
My birthday's on October 1 and I'm way excited! It's the big 21, so I plan to go to applebee's "bar", show them my ID, and order a virgin strawberry daquiri.
Can't wait to hear from everyone and I am so happy that we're in touch again. Thank you, Angie.

Much love,

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Whats up everyone. Well like the rest of you lots of things have happened since high school ended. I went on a mission to Tijuana Mexico and have just recently gotten home. It was the best experience I could have ever had. Although I did end up getting extreamly sick on my mission and was sent home due to sickness. I spent about 3 months in the hospitol and am still there about once a week. But no worries things are looking up. I am now working 3 jobs trying to save up some money for school. Which I plan to start next semester. Oh I am going to be moving into an apartment not to far from my house. So if anyone has any desire to stop by and see the new place just let me know.
Well on my end thats about it right now. Sorry I dont get to see much of anyone these days I am just really busy with working. And when I do get to see anyone its always a pleasure. Have a great day everyone. I hope more people start using this, I think its pretty nice(me being one of those people who doesn't like myspace and facebook). Entonces Nos vemos, hasta luego!
Daniel Yates

Monday, September 17, 2007

oi! good bye salt lake

All I have to say is that things sure changes fast and i'm the last one to believe it until this semester! After highschool i went to slcc and then transfered up the U for international studies/Art. Whirlwind after whirlwind has landed me with a one way plane ticket as well hahahah..well i guess i can joing the international club by announcing that i too am taking up a job position similar to Maren's. I'm nannying in Beijing. Long story..but in a nutshell ill be babysitting for my cousin's kids. I'm leaving in a week so everyone keep posting so i won't fall behind in the real world of news!

Sprechen sie Deutsch?

Well a lot has happened since we graduated but I'll just run through the basics real quick. I went to BYU-I for a semester in 2006, decided I didn't like it so I moved back home with my parents and went to SLCC and worked. January of this year I got a phone call (from Angie's mom, none the less) and one month and one day later I was leaving on a jet plane not really knowing when I was going to be back again. Really. Clichè I know but so is it. I'm now living in northern Germany (cold) and working as an au pair. Or nanny for those of you like me that have never heard of au pair before. And "au" in au pair sounds like "oh" so imagine you are at the grocery store and you forgot your list but you know you are supposed to get a fruit so you walk around the produce section for a bit, see the pears, and then you say "Oh! Pear(s)!" Wow, that was cool/random/uncalled for. Any way, I have been here 7 months and will stay another 5. Early warning.... PARTY IN FEBRUARY! With German chocolate!

Living it up in California

Hey all! I don't know if anyone else will be reading but YAY for Angie! I absolutely love this idea. I hope everyone else does too. I am always curious as to what you lot have gotten yourselves into.
So, right now I am kickin' it in Southern California. Still living with my mother(boo) and going to the local community college. I am liking it all right here and school is dirt cheap so I will be here for a little while. I make it back to Utah when I can. Usually once in summer and around Christmas. I was there for three weeks in July so to all those that I didn't get to see....SORRY! I wanted to see everyone but couldn't.
the most recent and exciting news in my life is that I just signed up to study at Cambridge next summer!!!!! It is going to be Rocking Boss!
I really hope a lot of you get into this "blog" thing. It should be tons of funn and I miss you all so much [some more than others :) j/k ] so get to writing and tell us about your lives!

p.s. yes i said "funn" deal with it.

The Intro

Well hello! I probably haven't really talked to a lot of these people for quite some time. So I thought why not make a blog to keep in contact. It doesn't have to be really high maintenance, just something thats done more at convenience. This is in no way like Facebook or Myspace so for those of you who hate one or both of those sites this is completely private and can become even more so once people start posting.

Just an update, Ryan and I moved into Married Student Housing on campus back in May. We love it up here. We are just a hope skip and a trax a way from downtown life and there is always something going on. I am now 21, dang I feel old... but other than that life isn't much different.

I had a lovely Birthday and got to catch up with some people I haven't seen for a bit. Anyway life is good.

Is there anyone I should have added but didn't?