Friday, January 25, 2008

Coming home soon!

First off, did I add that music? Pretty sure I didn't mean to if I did but we have some cool German music on the page now.


In case you couldn't tell I'm super excited about it. In a little less than two weeks BreAnne is coming out here with my parents and we're going to rent a car to drive from northern Germany (where I am) down south to Luxemburg, then up to Belgium and the Netherlands. We're going to hop a short plane ride to England and spend two days in London then two more days in the country side before we come home. I'm so excited for it all. I'll put up some pictures and things when I get home.

FYI Party at my house on February 23. Ok, so more like an open house. I'll be home all day probably catching up on all the movies I've missed in 2007 so if you want to stop by and say hello and catch a flick feel free, chocolate will be provided.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Home/Job Hunting

Wow... I never realized how much actually went into buying a home for the first time. It is crazy how much needs to be done in order to get one. Freddy and i are looking around for homes well more like townhomes so that we can get out of his moms basement. :) I mean not that i dont love living with her or anything... but i think its time for us to have our own place. That in turn means i need a more stable job... well kinda more stable i will continue being a dental assistant but that is only 3 days a week and that just wont pay the bills. I need to quit my other job and find a new one. I hate finding new jobs it is such a pain in the butt. Seriously. But anyways thats my life as of now. :) its fantastic PLUS MAREN COMES HOME SO FREAKIN SOON!!!! :) YAY MAREN!!!!! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rockin' the Futon

After a quick talk with Angie this morning via the computer-interwebs I stepped out into the remarkably warm streets and headed into the downest of towns to meet my girlfriend.  We swung into Bed, Bath & Beyond, bought some stuff for her older sister's birthday and of course a little something for myself (the apartment is still quite bare since the move).  Catching the train home I sat there and thought about the e-mail I had missed or ignored or whatever.  Wondering precisely where it went I dug into my inbox when I found a little something else by her that I'd missed (but much more recently).  That e-mail was an invitation to join a blog.  This blog.  So now I'm going to write something.

So, here's a brief introduction of precisely what's happened to me since we left high school, just so everyone is on the same page....

Firstly, I spent the first summer after not graduating in Salt Lake City working and hanging out with my then-girlfriend.  When I was about to move to Hawaii (literally within days) she convinced me to move to Utah Valley with her and go to school at Utah Valley State.  I spent two semesters down there (about nine months) hangin out.  I hated Utah Valley and moved back to Salt Lake City for six months while I worked and ignored school.  In November of 2006 I went on vacation to Hawaii and failed to return to Utah.  Once I'd quit my job over the phone I got a terrible job with Jamba Juice and spent the next months doing that before quitting out of frustration.  Needing a job I went to the local Apple Store and applied.  That worked out well.  Very well.  So well, in fact, that they moved me to New York in November of 2007 and I now live in New York and work at the new flagship store on West 14th Street (9th Ave).

So, that's the very brief version of where I've been, I'll see if I can't post here occasionally and keep you up to date with where I am.

Till then, 

What Up

Well i figured i'd write i really have nothing intersting to say though. Huh for those of you who dont know I am dating Tyler Fredrickson. And one day we plan on getting married. Although we did make a rule recently that we have to have a dog before we can get married! I thought it was a great rule!! :) but that means we also have to have a house or something like that where we can keep a rather large dog because Freddy hates little dogs. I'm kinda bummed i haven't even seen Caitlin :( its very sad i'm a horrible friend sorry guys. Anyways I work two jobs right now i am a dental assistant M, T, W and the TH, F, S, Su I work at Discovery Gateaway and I am also coaching my little brothers Jr. Jazz basketball team tuesday and thursday nights and saturdays. So i stay pretty busy. I also play basketball twice a week on Wed. and Sat. Well yeah thats my life! Pretty much i work and stay busy so i dont get int trouble. :)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Amanda's First

Yes, I finally joined!
Um... 'kay. So I still attend SLCC, because it's cheap and has the program I am currently enrolled in. I am in the Interpreter Training Program to become an American Sign Language interpreter. Though I am seriously considering changing majors or taking an extended break from school (maybe I'll go on a mission during that time). I'm really sick of school at the moment.
This semester I am an official night schooler because I had to do a complete rework of my schedule last minute and that's just happened to work. I currently am looking for a good day job/T,Th,F,S job.
I "Dear John"ed Matthew Allred about a year ago and have dated several fabulous people since (and a few not so fabulous people have asked me out).
I need a life!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Short Sum Up

Howdy all,
I haven't posted for a while so I decided to do a quick update on everything I can currently think should be public knowledge.
I'm starting school up again and I am uber excited, 3 engl classes! World Masterpieces II, Renaissance Lit, and Childrens Lit. It should be great! and then after next semester I should only have a year and a half! This is also the corresponding time that I will work in the dull mundane grey of office life! After that I would like to apply for grad school but we will see, maybe I can get a job in Childrens publishing without it, but I highly doubt it.

Ryan has two more years after this one! He really like the Film studies classes and really enjoys the animation classes. Next year he will start working with Maya. As Always he dreams of working for Pixar which would take us up to the Seattle area of Washington.

The holidays are over and we survived all of the events. Classes start next week and I am thrilled after my semester off. Everyone who isn't home, starts getting home, and that is very exciting. Anyone else have anything to update everyone on?