Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Is Coming to a End

The year of 2008 is coming to an end very quickly. I am not sure about everyone else, but this year flew by for me. There is only about three days left of this year. With that in mind I am going to take some time to reminess on some of the things that have happened this year, please forgive me if I have forgotten some things.

The first of the year began with me getting on an airplane and flying half way around the world, to Germany, with Maren's parents to pick Maren up from her year stay as a nanny. We did the european turist thing for about ten days or so before we got on the plane to head on home. That was the longest flight ever, well it seemed like it. Three airplanes and airports later we had finally arrived back in Salt Lake City. To our suprise we had missed the big storms, I was okay with that. I am not sure about Maren though, I think she missed the snow in Germany.

Throughout this year we have had a lot of missionaries come home, sorry there are way to many of you for me to name, basically everyone our age came home at sometime this year. There have been several weddings too. Hilary Nenow got married in April, Leah Welch got married in June, and Dan Yates tied the knot in September.

We have had all kinds of other thinks go on during the 2008 year. Some of them consist in Sam Johnson buying a house with Freddy, Lauren Tye did a study abroad in London England for a semseter. Kylee Ford arrived back from her stent in China. We have also had some suprises, I think. They were good suprises too, well I would have to say that one of them was way suprising. Amanda Gibson put in her missionary papers and was called to the Bucharest, Romania mission. Wow what a place to go. Now for the suprising one to me and I think to some others would be Maren McLaughlin decided that she was going to go on a mission. She had said when she came back from Germany that she would not go on a mission, but low and behold she has put in her papers. I would have to say that it was the quickest ever though. It took her some time to decide, but once she made up her mind it was only about six weeks after she decided that she was able to finish all the paper work and the other necessary things. Now all we have to do is wait to see where she gets called to.

There is probably a lot that I have missed and I am sorry if I did. I hope to everyone that this year ends wonderfully and that the 2009 year brings them happiness, joy, and lots more.


Ang & Ryan said...

Yay the oly blog hasn't been utterly forgotten! Thanks for the recap on the year it was awesome.
Me thinks mayhaps I'll post pics from the friend fest... BreAnne you rock!

Greg P said...

I too was excited to see a revival in the blog. Excellent post. Cheers!

Maren said...

Wow, I was surprised to find a new post on here. Even more surprised when I realized who posted it. Way to be friend!

Lauren Tye said...

wow we sure have been a busy bunch this year. good for us. and I agree with everyone else on the congrats on reviving the blog.