Friday, May 9, 2008

BBQ Bailout

Ok alright, so I know the bailing on the bbq was my fault, but Mary, my sister is getting married May 27th, my Mom has basically claimed my life, so a BBQ seemed ok to push back and the place we wanted to do it was booked, sad but true. So, I'm not against having a BBQ in May, I think it would be great, cause everyone leaves June for all of their summer events, however, I can't be in charge of it, I've already been in charge of way to many things at way too stressful times. So I'm passing the baton, or I could even share it, any takers? We could do it on a weeknight mwf or a saturday afternoon, but this Saturday is all booked, the 17th is fairly busy, the 24th I could sneak it in, but I wouldn't be able to plan it, the 31 is ok too. Memorial day is out, being that Mary gets married the next day and my life is claimed which is ok, because I'm free after the 27th.

Lauren is in town the 24-31 I think, Caitlin leaves in June sometime, Greg goes back to Virginia in June, Amanda has a Birthday somewhere around there, and I don't want her to feel that the BBQ overrides yeah pushing it back sucks.

Also, you have to have at least 10 ppl for sure show up for a good game of Ulitmate Frisbee, 7 just wasn't enough.

So with all of this in mind, we can do a BBQ/ Ultimate Frisbee event, but I don't want to plan the whole thing, I can't.


Greg P said...

I may have a solution to this whole thing. I am not sure but get in contact with me and we can talk it out.

Greg P said...
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mandax said...

No worries, Ang. I'm always impressed with what you accomplish. It's good to know your sched. those days.. If I still had ambition for the party I wanted throw I'd be able to use them. Now I think I'll find out what Greg's up to and see if I can help him out.