Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm around here somewhere..

hm, so I finished the semester in tact, which wasn't as big a miracle as I thought it'd be a few weeks before finals. I'm still working towards a degree in ASL interpreting, which is fun. I keep getting set backs in my progression but hopefully I'll figure out a way around them...
And to add to my set backs I'm planning on serving a mission, for which I'm putting my availability towards the end of summer.
"Are you trying to avoid Matt?" many people ask (either internally or out). My answer is no. I just wanted more of a chance to visit with friends, play a little bit, and most importantly save up more money for to pay for it.
Speaking of money, I have a different sort of job now.. I demonstrate knives. I'm trying to decide right now if I want to make it my full-time job or a side job this summer. If you have any suggestions/advice, I'd love to hear it!

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Lauren Tye said...

I thought this was where I left you. In fact just the other day I was thinking, "now i know I left Gibby around here...somewhere" And here you are. Alas! I have found you. Now is it my turn to hide?

I think the knife job sounds cool, I liked it when they called me up to offer me a job, because of a wonderful review from a friend, thanks btw. I figure either way you will be done with it at the end of summer (the whole 'mission' thing)so right now, if I were you, I would ask myself, "Self, why is it I was blessed with such curly hair and leprechaun-like features?" and after I pondered that for a while I would ask, "self, which of these options is going to best help me save for my mission?" and there I would have my answer. Voila!

I know, it's creepy when someone else pretneds to be you. trust me it wasn't pretty on my side either. I felt so small, I was sure i would be trampled on any second.